St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a peer-based, caring ministry common throughout many Christian denominations. Lay members of the congregation have been chosen to undertake more than 60 hours of initial training in listening skills, caring techniques, and the application of Biblical principles of supporting one another through the difficult situations of life. These individuals have pledged to serve a minimum of two years, and to continue with on-going training during that period.

After their commissioning as Stephen Ministers, with the involvement of the pastoral staff, they are assigned as Care-givers to Care-receivers (with the intent of being together in this unique relationship until both are comfortable with it concluding). The relationship is fully confidential, with our Stephen Ministers serving under the oaths of confidentiality of our pastors — only the two people involved (the Care-receiver and their Care-giver) ever know what is being shared.

Situations that might prompt the services of a Stephen Minister include the loss of a loved one (by death, divorce, or even the "empty nest" of the last of the children leaving home), the loss of a job or income (be it from a lay-off, downsizing, retirement or being fired), a decline in health or physical ability, or any other life circumstance that would be better handled with the care and support of another individual.

To request more information about Stephen Ministry and how it might be a blessing for you, contact contact Pastor Ed (913-758-7624; or one of our Stephen Leaders: Helen Genter (913-682-6434; or Eric Rathburn (913-221-2411;

All requests for information regarding Stephen Ministry, either for yourself or for a loved one, are also kept confidential.

Individuals interested in being considered for training as a Stephen Minister may also contact either Pastor Ed or one of our Stephen Leaders.