St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Small Groups

Just as Jesus developed His closest earthly relationships with a small group of friends ... and just as their faith grew as a result of being in that small group ... we feel that the same goal will be achieved by following that same model. Begun initially at St. Paul as a Tuesday night schedule, we still have a few groups that meet on Tuesday nights for fellowship and study — but we have groups that meet on nearly every day around a wide variety of interests.

You will see from the schedule below that some groups are for women only, some for men; some on weekday evenings, others on the weekend; some meet at a location on the church campus, others gather in the homes of their leaders (or in some other location). You will also see, we're certain, a group time or topic that will interest you — if not, and if you'd be interested in helping to form a new small group, please contact Pastor Ed (913-758-7624;

Our longest-standing small groups are our women's auxiliaries of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod: our Ladies Aid and Ladies Auxiliary societies. Ladies Aid meets in the afternoon of the 1st Wednesday monthly (in the Church Basement), while the Ladies Auxiliary meets at Noon on the 1st Sunday of the even-numbered months (either in the Church Basement or in a member's home).

Our Men's Ministry meets for a monthly event — beginning with a meal, and concluding with a topic of study chosen by the men. All men are invited to come to the Church Basement at 6 PM on the 3rd Thursday each month … and for other special events from time-to-time.