St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Please note that any Prayer Request submitted here will not be confidential, but may be viewed by anyone accessing this website. Please be as specific as possible in your request, but also maintain the needed confidentiality of those for whom you may be requesting prayers. Thank you.


1.   We pray for our Family of Faithremembering those celebrating birthdays this week – Natasha Layman, Vanessa Kichler, Christian Williams, Anita Ebhauer, Silas Williams, Fred Bergman, Chloe Herring, Kayla Moritz & Brandon Sagawinia.  May the Lord bless you!

2.   We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ Eleanor Denney (resting at home while being treated for RSV)

+ Virginia Harth (at Twin Oaks Rehab after suffering a broken pelvic bone & cracked sternum in a fall)

+ Vince Benton (son of Margaret Hanawalt’s friend, following extensive open-heart surgery Thursday)

+ Susie Grant (Diane Barrett & Barbara Regnier’s cousin, hospitalized for infection stemming from a fall)

+ Melvin Rice (husband of friend of Cheryl Redpath, brain-bleed found as chemo ended)

+ Kari Ernzen (recuperating from recent follow-up surgery due to a Chiari 1 Malformation)

+ Cheryl Orlowski (who has been approved for Light Therapy to treat skin cancer on her hands)

+ Oscar Feldman (Leonora’s husband, in declining health from both heart and diabetes issues)

+ Mark Birnschein (Helen Genter’s cousin, following recent bypass surgery)

+ Tom Orlowski (KU Eye Center will determine if eye issues are a result of graph-vs-host disease)

and those who battle cancer: Barbara Aldridge; Carol Beisert; Susie Beying; Jeff Borrink; Jean Carson; Karen Curto; Paula Darling; Georgeann Geis; Norma Griffith; Richard Hambleton; Heidi Hammell; Ray Hoppe, Sr.; Donna Humble; Pam Hund; Larry Johnson: Sam Kell; Linda Koenig; Lydia Landfair; Megan Langley; Jolene Lichty; Debbie Lober; Judy Matthijetz; Jim McCarty; Karen McNeese; Ed Milburger; Marilyn Miller; Theresa Miller; Dale Niece; Sandy & Wayne Nighbert; Dale Pair; Sue Pitts; Paul Printiss; Star Roberts; Bernie Roller; Lyn St. Louis; David Schwinn; Kent Seeler; Storm Shannon; Greg Smith; Jerry Thompson; Gail VanVelzer; Linda Vernon; April Ward; Phelba Wecas; Sara Weidner; Dave Wiseman; Doris Woodward; Carolyn Wrigley; Dave Zakutny

3.      We seek the Lord’s blessing for: … those who’ve lost loved ones: Nancy Denney & Julie Winters (and their families), at the death of Les Dean (Nancy’s brother & Julie’s father); the family of Elaine Alig (especially Ray & Betty Hoppe, and their family), at this time of her death [the Funeral Service will be here at St. Paul: 10 AM, Saturday, March 30]; … the Men’s Mission Trip to the Burle Post Retreat Center in Alaska (departing the Bush on Thursday, arriving home on Friday): Ed Dane, Del Housworth, Denis Johnson, Seth Madison & Travis Robertson.  The Lord is with you!

4.   We raise up our efforts in sharing the Gospelespecially for our School Ministry, as today we celebrate the Installation of Cindy Hammons as our Commissioned Minister of Religion to serve as Principal – we look forward to her leadership as we “cultivate awesome relationships for eternity!” … in part, by “personalizing a Christ-centered education that develops the whole child!”  [In honor of this fresh start of ministry, our “Mission of the Month” for March is the Scholarship Fund, which enables us to offer assistance to families whose children need to be in our school, receiving the Christian education we offer, but who could not otherwise afford the Parental Educational Investment.  To date, your special donations total $100.]

5.   We pray for our Nation: … seeking the Lord’s care for those in our Armed Forces – especially those deployed and their families: Hilary Carbajal (South Korea); John Crowley (Afghanistan); & Zachary Kincaid(Kuwait).  We lift up Ryan Griffith (Rhonda Crute’s son), as he returns home with a medical discharge from the Air Force, due to concerns from suffering a TBI over a year ago.  God Bless America!