St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Please note that any Prayer Request submitted here will not be confidential, but may be viewed by anyone accessing this website. Please be as specific as possible in your request, but also maintain the needed confidentiality of those for whom you may be requesting prayers. Thank you.


ST. PAUL PRAYER LIST   –   Week of July 12, 2020

1.   We pray for those celebrating birthdays this week:  Skylar Nussbaum, Steve Summers, Velma Bass & Nancy Fruechtenicht.  Happy Birthday!

* Psalm 104:33 – “I will sing praise to my God as long as I live!”

2.   We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ Connie Denney (who, after recent lumpectomy, will be starting a 3-wk course of radiation treatment)

+ Thersie Bolze (cousin of Cindy Hammons, hospitalized in Alabama with complications of COVID-19)

+ Oscar Feldman (at KU Med Center following a stroke – also being treated to relieve from his lungs)

+ Rebecca Bolin (daughter of Steve & Nancy Fruechtenicht, at home recovering from COVID-19)

+ Tim Wells (Bob & Rosie’s son,  resting after having passed two kidney stones)

+ Michelle Santy (Cheryl Redpath’s sister, recovering from severe nosebleed after COVID-19 testing)

+ David Berger (Helen Genter’s cousin, showing progress after surgery to remove fluid from brain)

+ John Ochs (at Twin Oaks Rehab following a mild stroke)

+ Rick Ernzen (continues to receive antibiotics administered via a pic-line to fight bacteria in his lungs)

+ Sandy Hooper (now home after being at Twin Oaks Rehab to regain overall strength and stamina)

+ Kyle Seeler (Judi Camp’s nephew, now in rehabilitation facility in Topeka for continued care)

+ one who asks for prayer anonymously (at the diagnosis of lung & liver cancers)

and those who battle cancerCarol Beisert; Susie Beying; Helen Bowman; Sherry Byrd; Jean Carson; Karen Curto; Paula Darling; Jeff Ford; Georgeann Geis; Mason Goodloe; Norma Griffith; Heidi Hammell; Donna Humble; Brian Kloster; Linda Koenig; Lydia Landfair; Megan Langley; Jolene Lichty; Debbie Lober; Judy Matthijetz; Jim McCarty; Ed Milburger; Marilyn Miller; Theresa Miller; Dale Niece; Paul Niece; Sue Pitts; Paul Printiss; Bernie Roller; Nadine Ruffer; Mike Schmolt; Lyn St. Louis; Tommy Shomaker; David Schwinn; Greg Smith; Jerry Thompson; Linda Vernon; Sara Weidner; Dave Wiseman; Doris Woodward; Dave Zakutny; Megan

*James 5:16 – “Pray for each other, so that you may be healed.”

3.   We seek the Lord’s blessing for: …Tom & Cheryl Orlowski, & his sister, Kathy Smallwood (and their families), at the death of his brother-in-law, Chuck; … our School Ministry Team, as they meet tomorrow in preparation for their decision on July 15 regarding how best to proceed with the 2020-2021 school year.

* Genesis 28:3 – “May God almighty bless you!”

4.  We raise up the ministry of the Gospel – especially: … our July “Mission of the Month” – the School Scholarship Fund – allowing us to provide needs-based Financial Assistance to families otherwise unable to bring their children to our school (your special gifts already total $200); … all our congregational ministries: our School, Kid’s Connection, Paul’s Buffet, the 7th Street Feast, Dinner Church (truly “Meals That Matter”), our KKLO Broadcast & Facebook Live simulcast, the Community Garden, and more – that the Lord would use them (and us) to bring people to know His saving grace.

    * Romans 1:16 – “The gospel … is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.”

5.   We pray for our Nation: … as we continue to deal with the effect of the coronavirus on individuals and families, schools, businesses and churches;  … at the strife that is tearing at our union due to politics, race, and violence;  … lifting up those in our Armed Forces who are deployed: John Crowley & Willie Williams, III (Afghanistan); Wilson Gauf (Bahrain); Shelby Long (Iraq); Chris Name (Kuwait); Evan Abramson (Middle East); & Steven Shelton (Korea). 

* Psalm 121:8 – “The Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and forevermore.”