St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Please note that any Prayer Request submitted here will not be confidential, but may be viewed by anyone accessing this website. Please be as specific as possible in your request, but also maintain the needed confidentiality of those for whom you may be requesting prayers. Thank you.


1.    We pray for our Family of Faithremembering those celebrating birthdays this week: Justin Denney, Doris Johnson, Justin Malto, George Nelson, Ellie Seeler, Payton Ernzen, Lea Metz, Catherine Driskell, Sandra Harrison, Heather Wolters, Jim Donald, Caitlynn Kankelfitz, Darla Mansil, Caleb Cribb & Zina Williams. God be with you!

2.    We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ Michelle Denney (recovering from a bone-contusion and soft-tissue knee injury in LHS Basketball)

+ Florene Schlueter (Lisa Dane's mother, awaits biopsy analysis after removal of a colon mass)

+ Tom Orlowski (dealing with graft-vs-host disease … not serious, but aggravating, side-effect of BMT)

and those who battle cancer:

Doris Akin, John Gurss, Sandy & Wayne Nighbert, David White (friends of Max & Nancy Nuss)

Ron Bliss (Maxine's son, improved to the point of infusion report being removed – PTL!)

Jeff Borrink (Sharon Adams' nephew, spent Christmas at home for the first time in 6 years)

Paula Darling (friend of Diane Curry, currently in good health, with ongoing monitoring)

George Estabrook (Lori Humble's step-father, taking oral-chemo for recurrence of cancer in leg)

Norma Griffith (Bill's mother, breast cancer surgery coming in February, followed by radiation)

Marly Heim (niece of Rick & Gwen Ernzen, completed chemo; reconstructive surgery soon)

Aimee Hoppes (friend of Beckey Blanken, following surgery for breast cancer)

Pam Hund (friend of Fruechtenichts, cancer-free at 1-year point; reconstructive surgery in February)

Sam Kell (known to the Genters, MRI shows new tumor growth in area of previous brain cancer)

Linda Koenig (Tracy Knueven's mother, doing well, on targeted chemo pills for pancreatic cancer)

Walt Kloster (nephew of Lea Metz, condition continues to worsen daily)

Kody Kramer (friend of Daniel Mease, has begun chemotherapy at KU Med Center)

Debbie Lober (friend of Beckey Blanken, continues to battle breast cancer)

Bev Matney (friend of Gwen Ernzen, speech and mobility issues after November brain tumor surgery)

Rachel Magadan (Beth Diaz' granddaughter, doing well on strict diet/meds; sees oncologist in May)

Judy Matthijetz (relative of Alan Beisert, suffering from pulmonary embolism while batting lung cancer)

Karen McNeese (friend of Steve & Nancy Fruechtenicht, who resumed chemotherapy in November)

Neil (a friend of Kyle Curry, cancer has been in remission for 5 years now – PTL!)

Paul Pennington (friend of Rhonda Crute, everything good after battling pancreatic cancer – PTL!)

Sue Pitts (friend of Darlene Berg, has begun new chemo med hoping to get cancer back in remission)

Paul Printiss (friend of Rhonda Crute, hairy-cell leukemia is in remission … suffers periodic relapses)

Bob Ramsey (friend of Scott Booth, in remission, doing very well – PTL!)

JD (John) Rink (friend of Rhonda Crute, cancer has been in remission for several years – PTL!)

Star Roberts (Roxie Summers' sister, medication levels are being reduced to finish chemo)

Bernie Roller (friend of Don & Eleanor Denney, in remission; struggles with other physical issues)

Kent Seeler (Judi Camp's brother, kidney cancer is too small to do anything for; continues monitoring)

Jeremiah Shanahan (ex-student of Dorothy Quinlan, cancer gone; bone-marrow transplant pending)

Linda Vernon (friend of Janice Denney, breast cancer, bilateral mastectomy in January)

Doris Woodward (friend of Janet Jackson-Knight, spends most of time in bed with terminal cancer)

Larissa Wright (friend of Rosie Wells, multiple infections after bone-marrow transplant for leukemia)

3.    We seek the Lord's blessing for:  … the family of Herb Krueger, who passed away this past Wednesday (Funeral will be Tuesday11 AM; Visitation, 10 AM);  …those who have difficulty keeping warm in winter (the elderly on limited incomes, the poor, those who are homeless), that they find adequate shelter and care; … a member in Wyandotte County custody on a charge of aggravated robbery. The Lord is with you!

4.    We raise up our efforts in sharing the Gospel in both our joint ministry as a congregation, and in our individual opportunities to share the faith – especially in our support of January's "Mission of the Month" – Lutherans for Life's special project:  "Owen's Mission" (donations to date: $200).   Let's cultivate awesome relationships for eternity!

5.    We pray for our Nation seeking the Lord's blessing for those in our Armed Forces – especially those deployed or at distant posts: Isaiah Coleman (Kuwait); Travis Connell (Afghanistan); Ryan Griffith (Africa); Tyler Timmons (Germany); and Brad Pflugradt (RAF Mildenhall, England) – and for their families at home.  God Bless America!



If you are on the list below, or have placed a family member, co-worker or friend on the list, please contact the Church Office (682-0387; later than January 11 with an update.  Next Sunday, we will be starting with a new list of names and information.  Please understand, it is not our intent to leave anyone out of our prayers; but we also want our prayers to be current and focused on each individual's needs.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter!

Barbara Aldridge; Janie Baker; Jody Barnhart; Joie Biswell; Ron Bliss; Jeff Borrink; Kathy Boyer; Teri Carlino; Dick Cassidy; Paula Darling; George Estabrook; Tara Fouch; Aedan Gibson; Sabrina Handke; Emily Heaton; Marly Heim; Wanda Hoover; Pam Hund; Mary Johnson; Megan Langley; Amber Lawrence; Denise Lopez; Jordan Lyle; Rachel Magadan; Bev Matney; Karen McNeese; Sandie Moore; Krista Moppin; Sheila Mossman; Neil; Angela Newman; Don Oman; Paul Pennington; Linda Persky; Sue Pitts; Diane Pool; Paul Prentiss; Mike Price; Lori Richardson; JD (John) Rink; Becky Ryder; Kent Seeler; Jeremiah Shanahan; Brad Vermaas; Vicky; Stacy Wicker; Linda Williams; Dave Wilmetti; Doris Woodward; Jackie Wozney; Larissa Wright