St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Please note that any Prayer Request submitted here will not be confidential, but may be viewed by anyone accessing this website. Please be as specific as possible in your request, but also maintain the needed confidentiality of those for whom you may be requesting prayers. Thank you.


1.    We pray for our Family of Faithremembering those celebrating birthdays this week: Ryan Balock, Edi Pettegrew, Ellie Tebbenkamp, Emily Rich, Kristina Hill, Tracy Knueven, Jeff Marshall, Antonio Nelson, Judy Ronk, Sandra Cole & Angela Theel.  God be with you!

2.    We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ Jane Wagoner (awaits back surgery after Thursday’s hernia surgery heals)

+ Gerald Wagoner (Steve’s father, hospitalized due to pneumonia)

+ Rick Ernzen & Maggie Sloop (both doing well; returning to their normal routines – PTL!)

+ Sue Klotz (tears in retina are healing well – PTL!)

+ Paula Darling (friend of Diane Curry, diagnosis of rectal cancer at Stage II) 

+ Karen Wiggins (Tammy Rich’s mother, testing at the possible return of colon cancer)

+ Bennie Crim (Kevin’s father, now home: heart OK; issues with bladder/kidneys)

+ Harold Enyard (father of friend of Dakota Duncan, convalescing after back surgery)

+ David Ira Carpenter (father of co-worker of Teri vonSeggern – pneumonia; kidney failure)

+ Joe Davis (husband of friend of Kathy Johnson, in ICU since bowel re-section on April 1)

+ Andrew Kaminski (husband of Jessica Wahaus’ boss, Amy, recovering from sepsis)

+ Dave Ransam (Cheryl Orlowski’s brother, now home; seeks healing of low heart function)

+ Sandy Hooper (at Golden Living Center for regaining strength after surgery)

+ Esther Schmeckel (at Twin Oaks Rehab to regain strength after hospitalization)

and those who battle cancer: Lin Bi; Joie Biswell; Jeff Borrink; Doris Collins; Sue Daniels; Madeline Delgadillo; Vara Ditty; Wayne Doherty; Terry Fender; Jill Ferguson; Aedan Gibson; Phyllis Gremillion; Artie Hammell; Sabrina Handke; Emily Heaton; Wanda Hoover; Lexi Hugel; Mary Johnson; Walt Kloster; Katherine Hall Kohler; Mike Latham; Don Long; Denise Lopez; Jordan Lyle; Joan Bacon Martin; Bev Matney; Karen McNeese; Biana Miller; Sheila Mossman; Raymond Myers; Neil; Angela Newman; Wayne Nighbert; Paul Pennington; Linda Persky; Paul Prentiss; Mike Price; Jim Ralls; Lori Richardson; Star Roberts; Bernie Roller; Milt Rush; Jacqui Sahadevan; Kent Seeler; Gay Lea Shaw; Sherrie Taylor; Dave Wells; Sonnie Wheeler; Gary Whitby; Stacy Wicker; Dave Wilmetti; Doris Woodward, Jackie Wozney

3.    We seek the Lord’s blessing for:  … Kohen Bruce Laramore, Jarrod & Lyndsey’s son, who becomes a child of God by baptism this morning;  … our Confirmands – Mia Booth, Cade Clemens, Zen Crowley, Michelle Denney, Rebekah Goodwin, Daylan Hughes, George Humble, Jordan Long, Spencer Marshall, Marcelano Trujillo, Daniel vonSeggern who today confirm their baptismal vows;  … Clif & Laura Cribb (& their family – especially Laura’s mother, Geri), at the death of Laura’s step-father, Jim Poppe;  … the Klotz family, who are all in Maryland for the marriage of Phil & Gail’s granddaughter, Sarah Tate, to Chris Morris;  … those affected by the Ebola virus outbreak in Guinea, West Africa (& neighboring nations). The Lord be with you all!  

4.    We raise up our efforts in sharing the Gospel in all of our joint efforts as a congregation, as-well-as our individual opportunities, to witness of our faith – praying especially for:  … Jane Limback (of Topeka Lutheran School), who has been offered our contract to serve as Interim Principal for 2014-2015;  … the mission of Marcia Merrick & Reaching Out Ministry, Inc. (our April “Mission of the Month”). Let’s cultivate awesome relationships for eternity!

5.    We pray for our Nation: seeking the Lord’s protection of those serving in our Armed Forces – especially those on military deployments to keep us safe (and their families here at home): David Blackburn &Shane Martin in Afghanistan; Matthew Tyler Timmons in Kuwait; & Jacob Cruz in Saudi Arabia.  God Bless America!