St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Please note that any Prayer Request submitted here will not be confidential, but may be viewed by anyone accessing this website. Please be as specific as possible in your request, but also maintain the needed confidentiality of those for whom you may be requesting prayers. Thank you.


We pray for our Family of Faithremembering those celebrating birthdays this week – Luke Wendt, Emma Madison, Kelly Mansil, Marshal Aumiller, Lee Market, Gwendolyn Moritz, Jeremy Dembowski, Traci Powell, CJ Wolters, John Denney, Jonathan Harms, Jack Loewenstein, Nolan Norberto, Simon Housworth, Christine Clutton, Darl Summers, Matthew Hooper, Kelsey Hoppe & Scott Nelson.  May the Lord bless you!

2.  We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ Erv Jobe (who fell on Thursday night – new bump on the back of head; no further injury to neck)

+ Gene Anders (friend of Margaret Hanawalt, bypass surgery postponed due to poor kidney function)

+ Melvin Rice (Cheryl Redpath’s friend, diagnosed with Lymphoma, now starting chemotherapy)

+ Reni Johnson (co-worker of Becca Mease, following surgery this past Wednesday

+ Veronica Mendez (sister of Reni Johnson, hospitalized at KU Med for treatment of a brain infection)

+ Kari Ernzen (home after “re-do” of the Chiari 1 Malformation surgery she had in May)

+ Monica Collins (progressing well following a recent hysterectomy)

+ Larry Bass (who is adjusting well after returning home following inpatient IV-antibiotic treatment)

+ Robert Goldsborough (nephew of Pamela Robinson, after receiving a donor-kidney transplant)

+ Dennis Regnier (convalescing at home after sustaining a fractured rib and foot in a fall)

+ Josh Moritz (Kayla’s brother-in law, after biopsy of mass found on kidney during back surgery prep)

+ Larry Johnson (Denis’ brother, now home after hospitalization for an e-coli related blood infection)

+ Mary Hoover (Beth Diaz’ friend, awaits MRI results after falling on her shoulder)

+ Phil Hoover (Beth Diaz’ friend, following the 1st of 3 kidney operations)

+ Carol Beisert (Alan’s mother, seeking further medical consultation at the discovery of colon cancer)

+ David Bezona (son-in-law of Larry & Velma Bass, who continues to recover from a foot wound)

+ Martha VanSandt (resting at home as she awaits further ankle surgery)

+ Rev. Kenton Rohrberg (undergoing med changes in the ongoing treatment of Parkinson’s Disease)

and those who battle cancer: Barbara Aldridge; Susie Beying; Jeff Borrink; Jean Carson; Karen Curto; Paula Darling; Georgeann Geis; Norma Griffith; John Gurss; Richard Hambleton; Donna Humble; Pam Hund; Larry Johnson; Nancy Keel; Sam Kell; Walt Kloster; Linda Koenig; Lydia Landfair; Jolene Lichty; Debbie Lober; Willi Mansil; Judy Matthijetz; Jim McCarty; Karen McNeese; Marilyn Miller; Theresa Miller; Dale Niece; Sandy & Wayne Nighbert; Dale Pair; Sue Pitts; Gary Powell; Paul Printiss; Star Roberts;Bernie Roller; Lyn St. Louis; David Schwinn; Kent Seeler; Greg Smith; Jerry Thompson; Linda Vernon; Phelba Wecas; Sara (Schlueter) Weidner; Doris Woodward; Carolyn Wrigley; Dave Zakutny

3.    We seek the Lord’s blessing for: … Susan Williamson (a KC-area Stephen Ministry leader, & friend of Lynn & Helen Genter), at the death of her mother, Jane Branum;  … Alan & Maggie (& Emma) Beisert, who are preparing for a job-related move to Dallas – probably after the 1st of the year;  … Carolyn Donald, who seeks travel mercies as she heads out Tuesday for the winter in south Texas;  … Jim Glynn, who is retiring at Executive Director of Metro Lutheran Ministries; … Leah Miller, now in Week #32 of pregnancy with twins – with anticipated delivery shortly after Thanksgiving. The Lord is with you!

4.  We raise up our efforts in sharing the Gospelespecially: … the Orphan Grain Train, October’s “Mission of the Month” (your gifts totaled $160); … our Principal Call Committee, preparing a candidate nomination for a Divine Call in our November 18 Voters Assembly; … those nominated as Ministry Directors: Ed Dane, Steve Fruechtenicht, Susan Grace, Del Housworth & Barbara Regnier.  Let’s “cultivate awesome relationships for eternity” – in part by “personalizing a Christ-centered education.”

5.  We pray for our Nation: … praying for Godly leaders to be elected to public office; … seeking blessing over those in our Armed Forces – especially those deployed and their families: Hilary Carbajal (South Korea); John Crowley (Afghanistan); & Zachary Kincaid (Kuwait).  God Bless America!