St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

1.     We pray for those celebrating birthdays this week: Kathy Johnson, Dennis Hampton, Bryce Dane, Mike Denney, Joan Nance, Brenda Goebel & Will Foster.  Happy Birthday!                          

                   * Psalm 104:33 – “I will sing praise to my God as long as I live!”

2.   We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:                                                                                                                                                                                                                

+ Velma Bass (at Providence for the treatment/drainage of an abscess of her stoma)

+Lori Hall (has begun monthly infusion IV therapy designed to boost her IgG immune system levels)

+ Don Denney (at Twin Oaks Rehab, likely for up to 30 days as he regains strength and mobility)

+ Megan Owens (daughter of cousin of Helen Genter, suffered a stroke as a result of a brain bleed)

+ Cindy Hammons (who continues to recover from broken bones in the top of her right foot)

+ Anna Foster (this is Week 3 of the 3-week on/1 week off rotation of Regorafenib)

+ Janet Jackson-Knight (will remain at Lansing Care a little longer as she battles another UTI)

+ Skip Foster (Spencer’s dad, home from hospital, continuing tests for full diagnosis of health concerns)

+ Joan Nance (recuperating at home following a broken hip)

+ Dennis Regnier (Barbara’s brother, transferring to VA care in Topeka this coming Wednesday)

+ Glenn Owen (retired SPLS teacher, continues in rehab facility to recover from infection in his hip)

+ Katie Young (Brenda Goebel’s neighbors’ daughter, on dialysis, awaits kidney donor for transplant)

+ those in Hospice Care: Beth Diaz, Martha Parrett, Rus Schaefer

and those who battle cancer: Jessica Abbott; Shani Blagg; Clifford Burk; Karen Curto; Gary Davenport; Carolyn Donald; Jill Duran; Sharon Elbrecht; Nancy Garrison; Georgeann Geis; David Goebel; Terrence Gonzalez; Twila Haecker; Pat Haskins; Carrie Hazen; Sophie Hicks; Donna Humble; David Keesbury; Linda Koenig; David Kraxner; Megan Langley; John Lemons; Levi; Debbie Lober; Paul Prentiss; David Schwinn; Carol Spaeth; Ruby Stotsmeister; Carrie Ann Swaim; Jerry Thompson; Linette Wilson; Dave Wiseman; James Woodard; sister-in-law of friend of Joey & Janice Denney

*James 5:16 – “Pray for each other, so that you may be healed.”

3.   We seek the Lord’s blessing for: … Cameron, a young man who ran away from a rehab facility over two weeks ago, and still has not been heard from or found (local authorities believe he is still alive and in that local area); … Suzie Lawson, who leeft for a mission trip to Jamaica yesterday (thru February 12).

* Genesis 28:3 – “May God almighty bless you!”

4.   We raise up the ministry of the Gospel: … our January “Mission of the Month” – supporting the school bus ministry of St. Paul’s/Cheney, now bringing 25% of their students from the west Wichita area (special gifts totaled $791); … our SPLCS ministries – that the Lord would use us and all that we do as a congregation to bring people to know His saving grace: especially seeking His blessing over our School, plus: Paul’s Buffet, BackPack Buddies, the 7th Street Feast, the Burle Post Alaska Mission, the Community Garden, our Facebook Livestream, Feast & Fellowship, the Love Fund (allowing us to minister to those who enter our doors through the week seeking assistance, and more – we trust future SPLCS pastoral and faculty staffing to the Lord’s direction. 

    * Romans 1:16 – “The gospel … is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.”

5.     We pray for our Nation & others:  … for those who serve in government and the Armed Forces; … for Israel, under attack from Muslim Hamas; and the Ukrainians under war raged by Russia (that both Jews & Muslims, as-well-as atheistic Communists, would find peace by faith in the Prince of Peace).

* Psalm 121:8 – “The Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and forevermore.”