St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Please note that any Prayer Request submitted here will not be confidential, but may be viewed by anyone accessing this website. Please be as specific as possible in your request, but also maintain the needed confidentiality of those for whom you may be requesting prayers. Thank you.


1.   We pray for our Family of Faith: remembering those celebrating birthdays this week: Alex Miller, Mary Rogers, Christene Souser, Lauryn Denney, Ruth Loewenstein, Claude Collins, Rebecca Griffith, George Humble, Kim Parrish, Robert Harris, Julian Kankelfitz, Travis Malto, Laurie Richter, Gary Cole, Nicholas Kappeas, Ivey Harris, Angie Schwalm, Lillie Angelbeck, Keith Jordan & Jason Panek. God be with you!

2.   We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ Roger Redpath (who has been hospitalized at the VA for treatment of a viral infection)

+ Joey Denney (convalescing at home following knee-replacement surgery this past Tuesday)

+ Calvin Wilson (infant son of Wes & Leslie, after surgery Thursday to open skull growth plates)

+ Cheryl Winter (hospitalized at St. Luke's after surgery for broken hip from a fall)

+ Ken Donald (has moved to long-term nursing home care for continued rehab after stroke)

+ Pat Griffee (Don & Eleanor Denney's friend, waiting to hear if she is a candidate for chemo)

+ Judson Tillotson (nephew of co-worker of Margaret Hanawalt, in a bad auto accident recently)

+ Lisa Dane (resting at home following further reconstructive surgery this past Thursday)

+ Rachel Magadan (Beth Diaz' granddaughter, after recent lung cancer surgery)

+ Mason Mattingly (LaVera Aufdemberge's great-nephew, slowly improving from pneumonia)

+ Kathy Johnson (convalescing at home; knee will be immobilized for 3 months)

+ Joan Nance (suffering from broken pelvic bone after a fall at home – will heal without surgery)

and those who battle cancer: Doris Akin; Tom Alcorn; Lin Bi; Joie Biswell; Jeff Borrink; Sue Daniels; Paula Darling; Vara Ditty; Sean Fisher; Tara Fouch; Aedan Gibson; Artie Hammell; Sabrina Handke; Emily Heaton; Wanda Hoover; Lexi Hugel; Mary Johnson; David Keithley; Walt Kloster; Katherine Hall Kohler; Mike Latham; Don Long; Denise Lopez; Jordan Lyle; Virginia Marten; Joan Bacon Martin; Bev Matney; Karen McNeese; Sheila Mossman; Raymond Myers; Neil; Angela Newman; Wayne Nighbert; Paul Pennington; Linda Persky; Leland Pitsch; Diane Pool; Paul Prentiss; Mike Price; Lori Richardson; Star Roberts; Ray Roldan; Bernie Roller; Kent Seeler; Jeremiah Shanahan; Gay Lea Shaw; Sherrie Taylor; Steve Traglio; Brad Vermaas; Vicky; Dave Wells; Gary Whitby; Stacy Wicker; Dave Wilmetti; Doris Woodward; Jackie Wozney

3.   We seek the Lord's blessing for:  … Eric & Heidi (Genter) Eaton, at the death of his mother, Vi;  … Bob & Rosie Wells, at the recent death of their nephew, Scott Reinhardt (son of Jeanne & the late Pastor Ron Reinhardt);  … Sisto & Heidi Bernardo (Bethany & Nathaniel), who will be leaving Ft. Leavenworth & St. Paul, to return home to Australia – Godspeed;  … Lina Jensen, who travels today to the Philippines, to work in hurricane relief efforts over the Christmas holidays; … John Ochs, who has moved to Twin Oaks Assisted Living;  … Pastor Dennis & Jamie, who were spared injury in an auto accident on Thursday;  … tomorrow'sopening of the Leavenworth Interfaith Shelter of Hope, and for the guests it will serve;  … our Call Committee, as they finalize preparation for the call of our next Principal in January (and for our next Principal, whom the Lord has already chosen).  Lord, have mercy! 

4.   We raise up our efforts in sharing the Gospel in both our joint ministry as a congregation, and in our individual opportunities to share the faith: especially in our support this month of Backpack Buddies.  Let's cultivate awesome relationships for eternity!

5.   We pray for our Nation: thanking the Lord, and seeking safety, for those men and women serving military deployments (and their families here at home) to keep us safe and free, especially – Cliff Cribb in Afghanistan.  God Bless America!