St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

ST. PAUL PRAYER LIST   –   Week of August 13, 2023

1.   We pray for those celebrating birthdays this week: Sam Carbajal, Alyssa Hammons, Jeff Ronk, Seth vonSeggern, Alan Crute, Brianna Wilson, Norma Poff, Maggie Sloop & Pat Wells.  Happy Birthday!       

* Psalm 104:33 – “I will sing praise to my God as long as I live!”

2.  We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ John Lemons (brother of Jessica Waymire, awaits chemo following surgery for Stage 4 colon cancer)

+ Alyssa Hammons (recovering from an adverse reaction to a new medication)

+ Janet Jackson-Knight (beginning a 5-day COVID-isolation; daughter, Brenda, will be staying with her)

+ Daniel vonSeggern (still seeking regulation of medications following hospitalization to begin the change)

+ Matthew Denney (doing well following recent outpatient nasal surgery)

+ Cheryl Orlowski (biopsy shows squamous cell cancer on temple; will be scheduled for Mohs surgery)

+ Dave Keesbery (Lynn Genter’s brother-in-law, double bypass & heart-valve surgery on August 24) 

+ Levi (14-yr-old nephew of Sandy, a close friend of Gwen Goodloe, at his diagnosis of Ewing Sarcoma)

+ Anna Foster (bi-weekly chemo rounds continue – cancer is stable; nothing new/bigger, some smaller)

+ Carolyn Donald (doing well: recent labs good, awaiting next round of scans/tests)

+ Logan Burnett (son of Sally & Mark Niemann, next extensive facial fractures surgery is September 19)

+ Tillie Pike (friend of Margaret Hanawalt, now home awaiting liver surgery in September)

+ Katie Young (daughter of Brenda Goebel’s neighbors, on dialysis, awaits kidney donor for transplant)

+ Chap. Sam Sanford (continues long-term Medicalodge physical therapy care for recovery from stroke)

+ those in Hospice Care: Larry Bass, Beth Diaz, Martha Parrett

and those who battle cancer: Carol Beisert; Shani Blagg; Clifford Burk; Karen Curto; Nancy Garrison; Georgeann Geis; David Goebel; Terrence Gonzalez; Twila Haecker; Pat Haskins; Sophie Hicks; Donna Humble; Linda Koenig; David Kraxner; Megan Langley; Debbie Lober; Paul Prentiss; David Schwinn; Carol Spaeth; Ruby Stotsmeister; Jerry Thompson; Linette Wilson; Dave Wiseman; James Woodard

*James 5:16 – “Pray for each other, so that you may be healed.”

3.  We seek the Lord’s blessing for: … Nacho & Michelle (Denney) Nelson, who were united as husband and wife yesterday; … the family & friends of Elaine Backhus (longtime friend of John & Connie Denney), at her death this past Tuesday – the funeral will be this coming Friday, 11:30 AM, at Trinity/Leavenworth; … Ryan Hall, who continues to seek new housing that is “friendly” to his physical limitations/needs;  … one of our own (with a jury trial on aggravated robbery charges now set for August 21), praying that the Lord would bring ultimate good from this situation; … one of our own, whose divorce proceedings have been continued to a status hearing later in August (postponing the final resolution of the matter).

* Genesis 28:3 – “May God almighty bless you!”

4.   We raise up the ministry of the Gospel: … “Phil’s Friends” – our August “Mission of the Month” as we support their ministry of hope to those living with cancer [learn more:]; … a school family in need of special financial assistance (the remaining need is now slightly more than $7,000); … our SPLCS ministries – especially for our School, as we begin our 160th school year – plus: Paul’s Buffet, BackPack Buddies, the 7th Street Feast, the Burle Post Alaska Mission, the Community Garden, our Facebook Livestream, L.I.F.T., Feast & Fellowship, and more – that the Lord would use all of them, and all of us, to bring people to know His saving grace (with the Ministry Directors beginning the call process for an Assistant Pastor, we especially trust future SPLCS staffing to the Lord’s direction). 

    * Romans 1:16 – “The gospel … is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.”

5.   We pray for our Nation & others:  … for those who serve in government and our Armed Forces, that they lead with integrity and courage; … for a peaceful end to the Russian/Ukrainian war, that no further lives be lost – as we also rejoice at the agreement of altar & pulpit fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ukraine enacted at our recent LCMS Convention.

* Psalm 121:8 – “The Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and forevermore.”