St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Please note that any Prayer Request submitted here will not be confidential, but may be viewed by anyone accessing this website. Please be as specific as possible in your request, but also maintain the needed confidentiality of those for whom you may be requesting prayers. Thank you.


1.   We pray for our Family of Faith: remembering those celebrating birthdays this week: Jillian Cole, Adrian Crockett, Vivian Goodwin, David Schwinn, Danielle Gritz, John Poff, Julie Sickler, Stacey Foley, Martha Hamilton, Georgiana Nelson, Stephanie Harms, Jacob Rush and Landon Williams-Stager. God be with you!

2.   We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ Dawn Booth (appointment with abdominal surgeon tomorrow to determine cause of pain)

+ Mike Vieux (friend of Denis Johnson, recent diagnosis of untreatable liver/gallbladder cancer)

+ Megan Langley (friend of Kevin & Robin Crim, diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer)

+ Tony Gourley (friend of Kevin & Robin Crim, kidney removal on April 2, due to cancer)

+ Donna Burton (diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma on left cheek – MOHS surgery on March 31)

+ Eric Strom (Thelma's grandson, body is shutting down after accidental gun-shot to chest)

+ Bobbie Belaski (Max & Nancy Nuss' friend, at Denver Univ Hosp for treatment of lymphoma)

+ Jane Zimmer (Jon's mother, following cardiac ablation procedure this past Wednesday)

+ Julie Zimmer (doctor consult April 1 for exploratory surgery due to continuing abdominal pain)

+ Mary Sue Daniels (has been placed on hospice care due to declining health in recent weeks)

+ Carol Reese (convalescing after suffering a broken left big toe in a fall)

+ Susan Zapf (Nuss' friend, both legs have been amputated due to an infection in her blood)

+ Jane Seuser (undergoing physical therapy due to neuropathy, weakness in legs)

+ Cindy Page (former SPL School aide, awaits diagnostic tests for unexplained weight-loss)

+ Marvin Kohlmeier (KS District Mission Coordinator, at the diagnosis of prostate cancer)

and those who battle cancer: Doris Akin; Tom Alcorn; Joie Biswell; Jeff Borrink; Sue Daniels; Vara Ditty; Sean Fisher; Tara Fouch; Aedan Gibson; Pat Griffee; Artie Hammell; Sabrina Handke; Emily Heaton; Wanda Hoover; Lexi Hugel; Mary Johnson; David Keithley; Walt Kloster; Katherine Hall Kohler; Mike Latham; Don Long; Denise Lopez; Jordan Lyle; Joan Bacon Martin; Bev Matney; Karen McNeese; Sheila Mossman; Raymond Myers; Neil; Angela Newman; Wayne Nighbert; Paul Pennington; Linda Persky; Diane Pool; Paul Prentiss; Mike Price; Lori Richardson; JD (John) Rink; Star Roberts; Ray Roldan; Bernie Roller; Richard Schmuldt; Kent Seeler; Jeremiah Shanahan; Gay Lea Shaw; Sherrie Taylor; Brad Vermaas; Vicky; Dave Wells; Gary Whitby; Stacy Wicker; Dave Wilmetti; Doris Woodward; Jackie Wozney

3.   We seek the Lord's blessing for:  … Pastor Dennis (& his family), at the death of his maternal aunt, Barbara Kirch;  … Maria Pate (friend of Kevin & Robin Crim), at the death of her grandmother;  … Pastor Dennis & Jamie, as they transition toward a new field of ministry at Trinity/Salina;  … our Confirmands, who today confirm their baptismal vows and faith:  Marshall Blanken, Adriana Carnoali, Dalton Flint, Michael Harrison, Matthew Olson, Emily Rich, Tyson Root, Maddie Souser – may the Lord bless their Christian walk.  Lord, have mercy! 

4.   We raise up our efforts in sharing the Gospel in both our joint ministry as a congregation, and in our individual opportunities to share the faith, especially: … for the ongoing work of our Call Committee, at the notification that both Steve Stortz and Taylor Johnson have declined their respective calls to serve at St. Paul;  … and in our support during March of the construction of the St. Paul Community Garden (by Eagle Scout candidate, Joshua Blanken) – your gifts of $937 so far are already seen in the raised beds at 7th & Osage. Let's cultivate awesome relationships for eternity!

5.   We pray for our Nation: thanking the Lord, and seeking safety, for those men and women serving military deployments (and their families here at home) to keep us safe and free, especially – Cliff Cribb & Travis Connell, both in Afghanistan. God Bless America!