St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

Please note that any Prayer Request submitted here will not be confidential, but may be viewed by anyone accessing this website. Please be as specific as possible in your request, but also maintain the needed confidentiality of those for whom you may be requesting prayers. Thank you.


1.   We pray for our Family of Faithremembering those celebrating birthdays this week: Kaydence Davison, Quintin Hoppe, Beth Tucker, Ed Dane, Anna Foster, Anthony Guardado, Mindy Williams, & Logan Cruz. May the Lord bless you!

2.   We lift up our loved ones with health concerns:

+ Robert Kincaid (hospitalized at St. Luke’s North for heart tests, also suffering with a bladder infection)

+ Pastor Jason Boetcher (at the diagnosis of suspected prostate cancer; testing continues)

+ Stefan Doughty (Meases’ nephew, cuts to face/head & fractured right hand, from car-semi accident)

+ Marie Brown (Dorothy Quinlan’s aunt, in Hospice at Homestead due to malignant tumor on liver) 

+ Pastor Ken Humphrey (friend of Hammons family, hospitalized due to congestive heart failure)

+ Joyce Sherman (Sherry Whitson’s mother, hospitalized at KU Med after a fall down nearly 20 stairs)

+ Chuck Jasper (Lynn Godfrin’s father, good results on cancer scan, still having dizziness & vertigo)

+ Amelia Cribb (having neurological testing at the Mayo Clinic on May 13 for nerve damage in her arm)

+ Cheryl Orlowski (blood clot is improving; light therapy went well for hands, may repeat in a month)

+ Tom Orlowski (eyes are showing slight improvement; on antibiotics for difficulty with lungs/breathing)

+ Arlene Julke (Janet Jackson-Knight’s cousin, with congestive heart failure in final stage renal disease)

+ Virginia Harth (now home, receiving home-based physical therapy after pelvis and sternum fractures)

and those who battle cancer: Barbara Aldridge; Carol Beisert; Susie Beying; Jeff Borrink; Helen Bowman; Jean Carson; Karen Curto; Paula Darling; Georgeann Geis; Norma Griffith; Richard Hambleton; Heidi Hammell; Ray Hoppe, Sr.; Donna Humble; Larry Johnson; Sam Kell; Linda Koenig; Lydia Landfair; Megan Langley; Jolene Lichty; Debbie Lober; Judy Matthijetz; Jim McCarty; Karen McNeese; Ed Milburger; Marilyn Miller; Theresa Miller; Dale Niece; Sandy & Wayne Nighbert; Dale Pair; Sue Pitts; Paul Printiss; Star Roberts; Bernie Roller; Lyn St. Louis; David Schwinn; Kent Seeler; Storm Shannon; Greg Smith; Jerry Thompson; Gail VanVelzer; Linda Vernon; Phelba Wecas; Sara Weidner; Dave Wiseman; Doris Woodward; Carolyn Wrigley; Dave Zakutny

3.      We seek the Lord’s blessing for: … those who have lost loved ones, especially the families and friends of:  Dr. Art Vogel (Certified Lay Deacon at Our Saviour Lutheran/KCK), who passed away April 24; & Brad Ahart (great-nephew of Jane Seuser), who was killed in an auto accident;  … Dexter James Moulden, newborn son of Thaddeus & Jessica (born on April 28), our congratulations go to all of his extended family, including Davis & Debbie, and Whitney Moulden;  … all Christian mothers, as they strive to fulfill the example of Proverbs 31;  … Rebekah Goodwin & Jared Stark, who will be united in marriage next Sunday afternoon;  … Gustavo de la Cruz (Katherine’s husband), who passed his US Citizenship test last Monday and will take the oath of citizenship on July 24.  The Lord is with you!

4.    We raise up our efforts in sharing the Gospel especially: … our “Mission of the Month” for May – the Alliance Against Family Violence (special donations so far total $45); … the process now underway for adopting our 2019-2020 Financial Plan; … the mission of “Dinner Church,” to reach even more people with the Gospel of Jesus. To God alone be the glory!

5.   We pray for our Nation: seeking the Lord’s care for those in our Armed Forces – especially those deployed and their families: John Crowley (Afghanistan) & Steven Shelton (Qatar).  God bless America!