St. Paul Lutheren Church & School

St. Paul Lutheran School

In reality, we are neither a church nor a school ... we are St. Paul Lutheran Church AND School. The school was the first mission established by the young congregation only a year-and-one-half into her existence. Still today, she remains our primary mission as we serve children (from the age of 2½ in Preschool through the 8th Grade) and their families, helping parents in their God-given responsibility of providing a Christian education to their children, giving children an education in which love and faith in Christ become the center of their learning activity. Parents and teachers, working together toward this common goal, are the most effective force in educating a child.

For the 2017-2018 school year, we are beginning school without a Commissioned Minister serving as Principal. We have full confidence in our faculty and staff to work without someone present in the Principal's Office on a daily basis. And, to help with that situation, John Denney (the Chairman of our School Ministry Team) is serving as our "Principal" Contact – yes, the pun is intended! But, in all seriousness, while this year will be a different sort of year for us,one thing remains the same: we are all (our faculty, the staff of both the church and the school, our lay leadership, the congregation and our school families) committed to our mission of "Personalizing a Christ-Centered Education that Develops the Whole Child!"

To reach Mr. Denney, you may leave a message with the School Office: (913) 682-5553; (directing that email by subject: "To Mr. Denney").

Because of her extensive role in the life of our parish, click here to learn more about this very special ministry.